Discover your purpose and make a difference.


Wherever You're Coming From, We Have a Place for You.

Our Ministry Philosophy Is Simple – We want to help you take Next Steps to discover your purpose

Everyone has a different story. Regardless of your story we believe that every single person has a God-given purpose. SunWest is a community of people who follow Jesus so they can know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and make a difference. We refer to these items as our Core 4.

We invite you to attend Starting Point after the service to dive into the Core 4 to get you further connected to God and others. All of our energy is focused around the Core 4. Whether it’s a Weekend Service, Groups, Teams, Starting Point, our Hearing God Seminar or Set Free Weekend, it all exists to help you take Next Steps.

Starting Point will help you get connected to Groups and Teams so that you can continue to grow and is one of the primary ways people get connected. This will be the avenue that will set you up to serve in your sweet spot on a Team.

SunWest is a member of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Here’s our confession of faith.


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Meet the SunWest Staff


Matt Dyck

Lead pastor

Matt enjoys breaking bones while mountain biking, spending more time making coffee than drinking it, and fights depression every year when the Raptors crash out of the NBA play-offs.

Along with his wife, Lisa and three sons, he's been serving at SunWest for over 15 years.


Colton Willms

youth Pastor

Doesn’t this remind you of episode 3 season 4 where Dwight and Michael drive into Lake Scranton because they followed the GPS and Dwight just goes crazy thrashing around and screaming and the car is filling up... Oh man that was the same episode as Dunder Mifflin Infinity with Ryan, right? And Dwight’s gift baskets. Hahahaha. I love that show. The best.


Kendall Feenstra

children’S pastor

Kendall is a small and medium sized kitchen appliance connoisseur and owns a highly prized hot dog toaster. She would drink coke at every opportunity if it was healthy. I know this bio makes her sound unhealthy but she could get up and run a kilometre at a fast clip if you asked.


Chris King

Weekend Experiences and Communications Pastor

Chris’s bi-vocational role on staff gives him the freedom to attend North American sporting events including NFL and NBA games. He used to love the Cleveland Indians but soured on them recently - nobody knows why.


Amanda King

Executive Assistant

Amanda is a fitness focused administrative wizard with a passion for stargazing, ultimate frisbee and can win a prize at almost any fair game.


Sheri Feenstra

Finance & Operations administrator

Sheri is a number-crunching dynamo with good fashion sense and a deep love for tropical fish. In her spare time she practices Jenga and goes on long walks with her husband Ron (who’s a professional body-builder).


“Mission is in our DNA”


Local Projects and International Mission


Reaching our community and the world

10% of SunWest's overall budget is dedicated to Missions. This includes meeting needs in our community, our country and our world in the form of church planting, leadership development and helping the poor. 

SunWest teams have participated in mission work in Canada, Thailand, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Mozambique. Our youth teams have seen over 100 houses built over SunWest’s 20 years, helping families less fortunate than ourselves in Mexico.

The map to the right shows the locations of missionaries we support.

Project pages