Next Steps


Starting Point

Starting Point happens directly after our Sunday services. We provide a light snack to hold you over and dedicate each class to one of our Core 4. (Classes are 1 hour in length)

Know God - Week 1

This is where it all begins. In this class, we talk about God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We will give you some tools so that you can learn to walk in relationship with God and hear Him speak to you. You will be invited in week 1 to take next steps incorporating journaling into your life and to also attend our Hearing God sessions.

Find Freedom - Week 2

Everyone has things in their lives that hinder us from living in the freedom that God wants for us. This week will be focused on learning to identify and move forward from the things that have held us back from living the full life God intends for us. You will be invited to take next steps to join a Group, attend a Set Free weekend, and participate in a SOZO prayer session.

Discover Purpose - Week 3

Every person has gifts, passions, talents, personality, and experiences that make them unique. This class is designed to help you discover how you’re shaped so that you can live out the purpose for which you were created. At SunWest we believe that nobody should be without purpose.

Make A Difference - Week 4

In the fourth class we will help set you up to make a difference in the lives of others. When we follow Jesus to know God, find freedom, and discover our purpose we will begin living a life that is for the benefit of others and our world. After the fourth week we will invite you to make a difference by serving on a Team.

Attend Weekend Services

Keep coming! We trust that you will be encouraged and grow in your relationship with God at our weekend services. This is a primary point of contact that will help connect you everywhere else. Invite F.R.A.N. to church (a friend, relative, acquaintance, or neighbor) with you!

Hearing God Seminar

This is a 5-week class that SunWest offers on a regular cycle. It is intended to help you realize that you have the ability to hear God’s voice! Yes you! In fact, he has already been speaking to you, but you just may not have recognized it yet. Join us for these very accessible evenings that will empower you to speak and listen to God with confidence. Please see upcoming events for dates for the next Hearing God classes.


At SunWest we don’t do life alone. One of the primary ways we get to know God and find freedom is through other Christ followers. We run our groups on a 10 week semester system. We have fall, winter, and spring semesters. Please see this semester’s listings to find a Group that fits into your life. We divide our groups up into four categories: Study, Social, Support, and Serve. Interested in starting a group?

Set Free Weekend

Have you ever experienced the freedom that comes when a group of individuals decide to risk together to choose freedom over facades? No more pretending. This is an unassuming weekend that will enable and equip you to move past whatever parts of your past that have hindered you from becoming who God created you to be. Take the risk! You’ll be glad you did. Disclaimer: no perfect people allowed!


After you have gone through all 4 Starting Point weeks we invite you to join a team. SunWest has a variety of Teams that exist to help other people discover their God given purpose. Whether serving a cup of coffee, serving as a Group leader, on a worship team, in our youth or children’s ministries, or something completely different, we want to see everyone released to serve God and others in a way that fits them. For a list of our Teams please click here (PDF - 2.60 kb). Is there a team you want to serve on that doesn’t exist yet? Feel free to share with our staff what God is laying on your heart and let’s see what happens!


Deepstream is our mid-week worship service. This service is designed to go a step deeper. There will be a more extended time of worship and ministry, as well as digging deeper into some teaching related to our Sunday morning themes. We will also give opportunity for people put into practice things they are learning. Please see our upcoming events to find out when the next Deepstream is happening.